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At Aphex, they believe that the tools that construction teams have to plan and communicate their work should have stayed in 1995.

That's why they are on a mission to make it easier for construction teams to get on the same page with a live, multiplayer planning platform. Instead of the current mountain of spreadsheets, whiteboards, and stone tablets, we build tools that allow anyone on a project to plan and communicate their work with full visibility of everyone working around them.

Their customers are the largest construction contractors that build the tunnels, roads, bridges and buildings we use daily. Their awesome users are the engineers that are managing and planning these cool projects.

They’re at an exciting stage of their journey. Having launched our V1 in the UK in 2019, they currently support most of the major contractors and projects in that region. They entered the Australian market in 2022 and have great projects with the biggest contractors here also. As a team, they are moving from experimenting with the core idea of their product to iterating on how they reach, onboard and support their users.

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