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Pamela Yip

Pamela Yip studied ​a Bachelor of Business (Double degree in Marketing and Management) ​at Monash University in 2016 and is now a Field Operations Assistant/ Retail Graduate at 7-Eleven Australia.

7.00 AM

As I turn off the alarm on my phone, a notification pops up. It’s an email from the WA State Manager asking if I can email through the video conferencing link for him to dial into this afternoon’s workshop. I wasn’t sure how I’d set up a video conference, so organise a Skype meeting instead.

7.15 AM

I put on my 7-Eleven Operations gear and double check I have all my material for today’s In-Store Productivity Workshop which I will be facilitating. I have soft copies emailed to myself but I decide to transfer into a USB as a backup. Just in case.

8.10 AM

I arrive at the 7-Eleven store where the first two hours of the workshop is held. I’m 50 minutes earlier than the scheduled time. I’m greeted by a smiling store manager and that puts me at ease. I brief the store manager and let him know who is visiting and what’s happening. He’s comfortable with the working group observing him while he completes management tasks.

8.45 AM

As I’m making my 7-Eleven coffee, I get a call. The National Manager who’s leading this initiative and whom I report to is coming back from a meeting in the city. He’s asked that I kick off the meeting.

9.00 AM

Participants start arriving. I introduce myself to a couple new faces and introduce managers to one another who have not met before. The working group consists of key stakeholders who are representing their respective department (Innovations, Supply & Operations, Operations, HR, and Retail Support).

9.15 AM

I round up the managers who are scattered across the store to let them know we’re ready to begin. As we make our way around to the different areas of the store, we reference an excel sheet I pulled together which documents the daily tasks completed by staff members or management to ensure customers have the best experience! For example, the Coffee Zone requires bench wipe down, milk/bean refilling, emptying the coffee draw etc…

7-Eleven Australia Pamela Yip having a meeting

10.50 AM

The session is going great and participants are really engaged but conscious of time, we wrap up. I email the participants interstate letting them know we’ll be ready for them at 11:20am.

7-Eleven Australia Pamela Yip having a meeting

11.15 AM

I load the workshop deck I prepared earlier onto the projector and setup Skype as they’re having their lunch. People are sharing their observations amongst the group. The room is buzzing with ideas. It’s interesting to hear different perspectives and proposed solutions to address opportunities at store. I’m capturing it on the whiteboard where I’ve drawn up a table. We discuss whether tasks observed in stores should be automated, eliminated, reduced or outsourced.

1.15 PM

With around 18 opportunities captured, we go through each and better understand how much time it would save in stores and whether it’d be easy or hard to implement.

2.50 PM

The session has come to an end. The National Manager and I thank everyone for their time and advise them we’ll now work on prioritising the opportunities.  I’ll need to summarise today’s session and shoot it through to everyone early next week.

3.30 PM

I have my fortnightly catch up with the National Manager. We talk about today’s workshop, how we thought it went and he advises me he’s impressed with how I facilitated the workshop. That’s a relief. I let him know I’ll have the summary for his review by Tuesday next week.

4.00 PM

An ex-graduate who is now a Retail Business Manager and I catch up to talk about today’s session. We both agree it went really well and are excited to see some of the ideas come to life in store. However, it’s still in the early stages. The opportunities will first need to go into trial and prove valuable before it gets rolled out to the network. This could take anywhere from 6 to 12 months!

4.30 PM

I’m stuck in traffic and I’m thinking about the follow up work on Monday. But as I near home, my thoughts about work transition to where I’ll have brunch over the weekend.

6.00 PM

I answer some emails for my personal food blog, Munching Melbourne, and book in a couple café visits for the weekend. Not a bad way to end a Friday night.