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Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
At the moment and while I'm in Retail Operations, I am acting as a Retail Business Manager. This is similar to a District Manager but with more of a partnership perspective with franchisees. What I do is essentially coach franchisees to grow their business by meeting with them throughout the week to analyse sales data, review financials for opportunities, implement top-down initiatives in store, and ensure compliance with 7-Eleven standards as well as legal standards. The job also entails a lot of relationship management and problem solving.
Graduate, Melbourne - 17 Jan 2018
It changes day to day and from rotation to rotation. I'm currently in Operations where I spent the first three months completing store experience. That means I've spent two weeks in class learning how to run a Franchise, worked in store as a staff member & store manager as well as relief a retail business manager (i.e. area manager). I'm now working closely with the National Manager on a business strategic initiative. This involves collaborating with various key stakeholders from different departments. I helped facilitate the
Graduate, Mount Waverley - 23 Jan 2018