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Ability Action Australia

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  • 100 - 500 employees

Sustainability at Ability Action Australia

6.7 rating for Sustainability, based on 21 reviews
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Not sure, would like to see more in this area.
Graduate, Melbourne
There is the appropriate resources provided
Graduate, Perth
Recycling bins in kitchen, automatic taps in bathroom that switch off automatically
Graduate, Sydney
They recycle and have ways to dispose of ink cartridges
Graduate, Perth
We are encouraged to not print unnecessarily, but there is no incentive to use green power for our home offices or drive more efficient cars that I am aware of.
Graduate, Brisbane
There is a lot of effort in this area as all reporting activities, case notes etc. are done mainly online
Graduate, North Brisbane
Lots of emails rather than using paper and work from home is another way to save the environment and reduce traffic congestion
Graduate, Gold Coast
I'm not sure what the company does. As most clinicians work from home they have their own responsibility to environmentally sustainable practices. It would be nice if there was some device that participants could sign their service contracts on rather than printing 6 pages for each person only for them to be scanned and thrown away.
Graduate, Brisbane
recycling evident.
Midlevel, Perth
Minimal printing majority online.
Graduate, Mooloolaba