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Career Prospects at NSW Government

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Please tell us about promotion possibilities and fill us in on what it takes to move up the ranks.
I haven't been employed long enough to be exposed to this side of things, but my impression is that promotion opportunities are very equitable. They advertise externally so the process is very competitive, but offer great professional development, salaries and management opportunities for those who are successful.
Graduate, Sydney - 05 May 2023
I know that my company has many opportunities for people to move around. In order to move up in ranks, as far as I have been told it is quite easy, so long as you are meeting/exceeding your set out yearly goals and capabilities.
Graduate, Sydney - 03 May 2023
The NSW Government Graduate Program leads to a guaranteed permanent position. The level/grade offered will be dependent on skills, capabilities and experience.
Graduate, Parramatta, Sydney - 03 May 2023
Once the grad program is complete we are offered a role in our team depending on our skills and how well the program went but there are lots of opportunities to get promoted, go on secondment for a few months or act in a role
Graduate, Sydney - 03 May 2023
At the end of the graduate program there is a guaranteed job, however there is also the possibility of a promotion if you exceed expectations. To move up the ranks you have to apply for internal roles and be assessed alongside everyone else. Promotions are not presented to individuals, they are presented company-wide.
Graduate, Sydney - 03 May 2023
There are heaps of positions and constantly jobs circulated internally. I am very eager to explore what's out there once my graduate opportunity is finished.
Graduate, Sydney - 03 May 2023
There doesn't seem to be many mid-level roles for my desired area (UX/UI design), only at my graduate role and jumping straight to senior roles.
Graduate, Sydney - 03 May 2023
The hierarchy in government is very transparent, so you know what is possible. As part of the graduate program, If you are evaluated as exceeding expectations at the end of the program (which seems very attainable even without a tremendous effort) you can receive an immediate 1 or 2 grade promotion. Otherwise there are always opportunities to 'act up' while others are on leave to gain experience at a higher level which will serve you well to apply for positions at that level in the future. If you make it known to your manager that you have ambitions to move up the ranks, they will work with you to improve on any weaknesses and address specific qualities that you will need. Employees are constantly encouraged to interview for available roles, even just for the experience.
Graduate, Sydney - 03 May 2023
Positions open up all the time allowing for promotion and usually they promote within teams
Graduate, Parramatta - 03 May 2023
I feel that regardless of what happens at the end of the graduate positions I will have a role. I feel that there are plenty of opportunities to move up in the rank when I am ready. Job security is important to me than promotions possibility, which I am offered in the public sector.
Graduate, Sydney - 03 May 2023
Networking is important to grow.
Graduate, Parramatta - 03 May 2023
Merit based promotion, so the role to be promoted needs to be offered to everyone, including people not in government.
Graduate, Sydney - 04 May 2023
Many and varied opportunities. DRNSW is large and I don't have to limit myself to jobs there anyway. All of NSW Government is available to me.
Graduate, Orange - 08 May 2023
I'm not too sure how steady or fast promotion takes, as government can move quite slow, however i'm very early in my career so can't comment too much.
Graduate, Sydney - 08 May 2023
As a graduate upon completing the program you are guaranteed an ongoing role. By speaking to other people, I have heard that it is pretty easy to move to a certain point. Obviously, there are limited positions for senior executives, so I guess thats when you hit a wall.
Graduate, Sydney - 08 May 2023
You have promotion possibilities at the end of the program, and there are many opportunities across the Government. Many people move around and get a rounded career. I have met many people who have completed the graduate program and are already working at high levels.
Graduate, Sydney - 08 May 2023
There are ample opportunities to rise as far up the ladder as you wish. The public service actively encourages its employees to further their skills and knowledge and to pursue opportunities as they wish.
Graduate, Gosford - 12 May 2023
i think that if you are a good worker they will want to reward that and keep you and promote good individuals
Graduate, Sydney - 12 May 2023
Early days for me - but I can see that internal promotion is common.
Graduate, Sydney - 15 May 2023
Do not have much information
Graduate, Sydney - 16 May 2023