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NSW Government

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Sustainability at NSW Government

7.1 rating for Sustainability, based on 24 reviews
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Coffee pods are not used due to the environmental impact. The building is smoke-free. General garbage, recycling and compost bins are easily accessible.
Graduate, Parramatta, Sydney
I don't actually know about anything relating to this
Graduate, Sydney
I feel that they do not do as much as they could but they do try.
Graduate, Sydney
It's the State Government so we work on a lot of projects that overtly look to have positive impacts on the environment, however in the office there is not a huge emphasis on being green: lots of paper and wastage.
Graduate, Sydney
Energy efficient workspaces and access to bins for general rubbish, recycling and composting . There is also a focus on social responsibility which is also significant like considering the diverse cultural options.
Graduate, Sydney
Unaware of any efforts in this area.
I believe that the building was built having the environment in mind. There are recycling initiatives within the workplace.
Graduate, Orange
Great recycling, however large use of paper still
Graduate, Sydney
Can't say I have heard too much on this, but considering its government I am sure it would do something
Graduate, Sydney
Coffee cup recycling, battery recycling, compost bin, recycle bin, normal bin.
Graduate, Sydney
There are initiatives underway, but I am not personally aware of any.
Graduate, Gosford
Solid, but could do more.
Graduate, Sydney
They do the cleaning multiple times a day.
Graduate, Sydney