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Accenture Australia and New Zealand

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Gender Equality at Accenture Australia and New Zealand

Accenture believes the future workforce is an equal one. We are committed to a 50/50 gender-balanced workforce by 2025.
  • To achieve this goal, we launched initiatives that empower women with in-demand skills, such as their Women in Technology program, which helps fast-track the careers of high-performing women.
  • Accenture is committed to transparency and annually publishes its workforce demographics. Currently, 50% of their graduate hires and 37% of their Managing Director promotes are female.
  • Accenture believes that gender equality is an essential element of an inclusive workplace. This commitment extends to pay, and Accenture strives to ensure that all their people are compensated fairly and equitably from the moment Accenture hires them, through to the milestones of their career.
  • Accenture offers 18 weeks paid parental leave inclusive of all genders, also available for adoptive parents and same-sex couples.
  • Accenture’s Accent on Parents program is designed to support their people from pregnancy through to their return to work and life as working parents.
  • Working with the Australian Business and Community Network, Accenture created Girls in STEM events to give young girls from low socio-economic areas access to technology and innovation workshops and role models.
  • Accenture has world-leading flexible working policies and parental leave support. Their employees can set their start and finish times or work more hours over fewer days. They can telecommute, and Accenture offers part-time arrangements to help balance work and parenthood.

Claire McCaffery, ANZ HR Lead, shares what we're doing to further advance gender equality and how we're empowering our people to be without limits. 

Making a public commitment to equality

Accenture are the frontrunner in the discussion on equality, championing change for their people and communities. Working with organisations whose values align to their own, to enable all people to be their authentic selves.