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  • 500 - 1,000 employees

IMC Engineering School

The engineering branch of IMC’s Tech Schools is designed to test newly hired engineers of all ages and disciplines.

It’s where performance engineers, data engineers, site reliability engineers, and trading systems engineers come together to sharpen their raw skills and learn how to apply them in a real-world, IMC setting. 

This is an intensive four-week program. Week one is dedicated to developing a high-level understanding of trading and financial markets. During this time, you’ll be introduced to the work we do at IMC, including options trading, and learn about the steps involved in executing a trade. You’ll also get the inside track on our market-leading systems and strategies from the perspective of seasoned IMC traders.       

Over the remaining three weeks, you’ll be put through an immersive development program, as you build, test and deploy, and operate a mock application from the IMC stack. The aim is to sharpen your development and collaboration skills while also introducing you to IMC's engineering tools and concepts, with a focus on supporting python development and our DevOps process. You’ll develop the tools you need to take code into production and get to know the platforms you’ll be using at IMC on a daily basis, such as Docker and Kubernetes, and our CI/CD processes.