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IMC Trading Australia Career Advice

“IMC has always taken into account my interest in both hardware and software.”

Engineering is a broad discipline. Typically, there are software engineers and hardware engineers, often with little overlap. But some, like Joseph, prefer to wear both hats. In fact, this is what attracted him to apply for an internship at IMC in the first place. Joseph sits down with us to explain where his love of doing things the hard (and soft) way began, and how he's been able to shape his career in that direction since joining IMC.

From Intern to India: Keegan's career journey

In 2020, Keegan applied for the IMC Internship Program. It was the first step on an extraordinary career path. From a student in Sydney with no prior trading experience to a trader in India, Keegan’s journey over the past few years is testament to the opportunities available to IMC colleagues – from international travel to accelerated professional growth.

Discover new dimensions to your STEM degree

IMC hires the brightest minds to join the world of algorithmic trading, but with a fast-paced and highly collaborative culture, our recruitment process delves deeper than a candidate’s technical knowledge. Campus Recruiter, Hannah, shares insight into IMC’s unique approach to recruitment and why she loves helping candidates find exciting roles suited to their skills.

From Trading Intern to Graduate: Mark's Journey

Get a glimpse into life at IMC through Mark's journey from intern to graduate trader.

The Career Journey of a Successful IMC Software Engineer

Interested in a career in tech? Read about Alex's journey as a Software Engineer at IMC.

Day in the Life of a Graduate Trader at IMC

Interested in a career in trading? Read more about a day in the life of Katie, a graduate trader here at IMC.