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Coles Career Advice

How much do new grads earn at Coles?

Here's what new grad roles are paying at Coles Australia.

What grades do you need to get into Coles' graduate program?

What grades are you going to need to land a fresh grad role at Coles? Well, it's not what you think.

What your first few weeks in Coles' new grad program look like

Here's what to expect on your first few days on the job at Coles as a fresh grad.

How Coles champions remote WFH and flexible work

What WFH and remote work looks like at Coles for fresh grads.

Why Coles doesn't give a damn about your CV or cover letter

CVs and cover letters are so yesteryear - here's why Coles doesn't want yours.

How to pass Coles' tickier interview question during your assessment

Learn the trickiest question Coles asks during your graduate role interviews and how to handle it like a champ.

What to expect from Cole's graduate assessment centers

Coles has these badass centers called "Discovery centers" for hiring new grads. Here's how they work ...

The #1 reason grads fail Coles' graduate job assessment

Here's why fresh grads fail the Coles graduate assessment and how to pass it.

Why Coles' never ghosts their applicants #ItsMeNotYou

Coles will never ghost you if you fail their graduate assesment. Promise. You always get feedback on how to improve.

Cole's graduate jobs - 4 stages you need to pass

Here are the four stages you'll need to pass in Coles' fresh graduate program

What should you study to get into Coles' grad program?

Here's what to study if you're looking to land a job at Coles after you graduate uni.

Your 3 best tips to land a grad job at Coles

Here's 3 secret (but not so secret because we're telling you) hacks to land a graduate job at Coles.