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Westpac Group

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  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees


I studied IT and Innovation at UTS, and on the weekends/in my spare time I love taking some time out to go to the gym, an experiment in the kitchen, and hang out with my friends and family closest to me.

Your Business Area

Explain what your business area does or their function within the group.

Group tech covers all things technology within the Westpac group. It’s one of Westpac’s biggest business areas, with over 900 teams. Anything you can think of – they probably do it. From network security to technology risk management, architecture, and infrastructure, to agile ways of working, to software and application development; they have a range of functions. Group tech is the entire back-end of the bank, keeping Westpac’s systems, applications, and banking services running 24/7.


Why did you apply for a graduate role at Westpac Group, and why your chosen business area?

Since studying IT, I always knew I wanted to land somewhere in the technology field, I just wasn’t sure where specifically. Westpac’s group tech grad role allows their grads to experience four different rotations all over technology. The chance to get a feel for what I might like regardless of my previous experience or prior knowledge (e.g. I can do a rotation in a technical role even if I have no past technical experience) was the main reason I wanted to take on this grad role. Essentially, it’s giving me a chance to figure out what I’d like to do.

I was also lucky enough to have worked part-time with Westpac before undertaking this role. Having known the culture and ways of working that Westpac promotes, it was an easy decision to want to stay here and develop my career.


To date: please provide an overview of the rotation(s) you have completed and, if cross-functional, which business areas/groups you have worked in.

During my first rotation with Westpac I worked on Agile transformation in the technology sector – more specifically trying to reach all of the tech teams and converting them to an Agile way of working. There are about 900 tech teams and so far, we have an adoption rate of about 40%. We work a lot with the teams and engage in an active Agile Community of Practice.


To date: has there been a project you have been involved in that you found particularly exciting or engaging?

I’m a part of quite a few Employee Engagement Groups – these are super engaging as there are plenty of sessions and networking events to attend (even virtually!).  I attended a full-day Women of Westpac Summit, where there were speakers and insightful sessions and networking opportunities all on the same day. There are some really amazing opportunities to take part in!

Graduate Program

So far, what has been the highlight of the graduate program?

The network of people I’ve met is amazing! I was reluctantly starting a graduate program being mostly working from home, but I’ve still made invaluable connections and friendships here at Westpac.

Westpac Group Culture

What is one thing you love about Westpac Group?

The people I’ve met at Westpac have all been nothing but amazing. Not just in my team and close networks, but everyone I’ve come across! You can quite literally start a conversation with anyone and they’ll be more than happy to have a chat with you (and go for coffee!).

For Uncommon Minds

What is unique about your ‘Uncommon Mind’?

I’m a tech grad, but I absolutely adore the creative arts and abstract ways of thinking.

To Wrap Up

Please describe your business area in three words.

Cross-functional, integrated, innovative.

Where are they now?

Which part of the business do you work in now?

Agile Transformation as part of the Transformation & Portfolio Office – Customer Services and Technology

What does your role entail?

As an Engineer in an Agile-based role I get a taste of everything. This can include PowerBI reporting and data analysis, curating learning materials and session plans, facilitating sessions, support and coaching, and much more.

In what way did your grad program journey prepare you for your current role?

The team I rolled off in to is the same team as my first grad rotation – so I had a really good background when starting this role. As a grad in other areas of tech, I learned a lot about the business, different ways of working, and gained a lot of confidence in my work and communication.

What are you most looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to further improving my skills as I develop my career.

What was unexpected / a surprise?

My current role is not something I had really considered before joining the team as a grad. Whereas the role I had always been interested in didn’t end up fitting me very well.

Please sum up your Grad experience (to date) in three words.

Enlightening, supportive, always-learning.

Do you have any advice for when they come to seek post-program roles?

Keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want – you never know what could happen.